Retro Advertising

If you like mid-20th Century print advertising, and like a lot of it, then this page on diskursdisko may well be just for you. It’s a collection of links to various pools on Flickr containing hundreds of scans of old adverts and promotional materials (mostly, but not all, from the mid-20th Century), and is quite a trove of old type, lettering and illustration. I’ve found quite a few inspirational things on there, including this great General Electric illustration. It reminds me a bit of The Stepford Wives (the 1975 film, not the 2004 one) - they’re not selling freezers, they’re selling exultant joy here. I mean, if getting a GE freezer really made you that happy, wouldn’t you want one?

GE Freezer Owners Manual
Gosh, doesn’t she look happy? I love the beautiful brush strokes, they’re so satisfying to trace.
Schaefer Beer
Leather Gloves
City of New York: Municipal Airports
Frigidaire Cold Pantry
Dwalyne Lingerie
Pall Mall
1936 Berlin Olympics
Türkisches Fest

I’ve linked each image to the photo page on Flickr - some have large originals, others not.