New BBC Radio Logos

Interesting new rebrand from the BBC for their radio channels. Some of them are rather good, others… less so. For example, the Radio 1 and 2 logos must have taken all of a couple of seconds to do, though they have a pleasing simplicity, where too long was spent on the ‘6 music’ one and I can’t help but wonder what all the other channels are about if not mostly about music? Similarly, ‘5 live’ - isn’t ‘Radio 5’ enough? Surely most of the other channels are ‘live’ too, and I’m sure not everything on ‘5 live’ is actually going to be live.

So, my favourites. The ‘Radio 3’ logo is very nice indeed. The channel’s main output is classical and traditional, usually orchestral music, so using the symbols of musical notation to create a ‘3’ is perfect. The ‘Radio 4’ has a similar theme, with the single quote mark demostrating the output of the channel is mostly talk, plays and debate. The ‘Radio 7’ logo… well, I just like it.