Eat Fish!

One of those old images I’ve had around for a while found here (I think). I saved it because of the interesting script lettering (extracted on the right). It’s bloody hard to read (even if you can read German) and yet it’s really attractive. Maybe for a native Swiss German speaker it’s easier to read?

Update: Steffen wrote to tell me that this is Sütterlin script, and sent the Wikipedia entry on it. Thank you! From Wikipedia:

Sütterlinschrift (Sütterlin script), or Sütterlin for short, is the last widely used form of the old German blackletter handwriting (“Spitzschrift”). In Germany, the old German cursive script developed in the 16th century is also sometimes called Fraktur. ... The beautiful version that Sütterlin developed was taught in German schools from 1935 to 1941.

The full image below (top left) and a few others I rather like from the set.