Blackletter Treasures

The sampler for Moderne Schwabacher

After reading this thread on Typophile about a new beer label I did a quick search for Hartwig Schrift (the original type for the label) and found this incredible site. It’s got a collection of resurrected blackletter types (and elsewhere, Pirate types!) some of which I’ve seen before, others which I’ve never seen, like Jaecker-Schrift. I love blackletter type anyway, and there are some real gems in there. The fonts themselves are of patchy quality, but if you’re after some beautiful letterforms to use in lettering or logo projects, it’s definitely the place to go.

Eth from Jaecker-Schrift

This capital Eth from Jaecker-Schrift for example is really quite compelling. The composition of the diacritic brings to (my) mind Suprematism, or Kandinsky - it’s that dot, almost like a full stop hidden in the character and balanced by the verticals - so perfect! As in the sampler on the page, I’d be tempted to use it as an ornamental ‘D’ as after all, it’s so ornamented it goes far beyond a normal Eth that you couldn’t tell the difference anyway. I’m also thinking of creating a set of similarly ornamented caps to use as cadels with the font. I have a thing for cadels too…

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