I was reading about Postopolis! on City of Sound, and came across a short writeup of Timescapes, a multimedia exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York (scroll down a bit). I love the design of this map (click for larger version) - looking closely I think that’s Eccentric 1 isn’t it? Until now, I’ve never seen that font used on anything that makes it look good. Here, it looks rather dignified. [Update] I actually think that it’s Democratica. I thought it was the freeware Eccentric because (sigh) that’s what a company I work with was using.

Also, while hunting for more examples of the work online, I realise that it’s usually museums who completely fail to show off their exhibits to any great effect. Looking at the official page on the museum’s site, would you be enticed to go see it? Where’s the gallery? I mean, it’s a multimedia piece, so putting a few screenshots of the thing online wouldn’t hurt them one little bit - you still have to go to the museum to get the full effect of it, and seeing some examples online might actually get you to go.

  1. The crappy freeware one that is. (If you search on fonts.com for ‘Eccentric’ you get a very different font indeed, though while I was searching for uncial types, I came across this rather nice font: Fusion, which I might get and use for something.

Beautifully Simple Signage

I came across the hi site today via Computerlove. There’s some great work on there, but one in particular caught my eye, this very simple and effective signage treatment. The back is painted with a UV-reactive paint that causes the shadow behind the sign (which are mounted at a distance from the wall) to have a greenish glow. My limited German leads me to understand the writing on the wall below are the names and interests (Chuck Norris?) of the new student intake for a particular year, though I couldn’t be quite certain.

Khalil al-Zahawi

I just read that the leading Arabic calligrapher, Khalil al-Zahawi, has been shot and killed in Baghdad.

BBC News report of his death

Reaction to his death on the “Road to Iraq” blog which is where the example of his work (at right) is from. Click the link for more, and larger versions.

Wikipedia entry on Khalil al-Zahawi

Travel Posters on LAPL

Another one found while researching the Japanese advertising poster article, I came across this poster for Japan in the results. The result itself came from Riding Sun, which links to the wonderful collection of travel posters on the Los Angeles Public Library’s site. Some of my particular favourites:

Canadian Art

This is another post from the big pile of images I have. Now, I remember finding this, and being disappointed there were no detailed versions of the illustration, which from what I can see should bear closer inspection. Unfortunately yet again I’ve lost the reference to where I found it. No, no I haven’t. I found it through an image search for Japanese Advertising Art while researching this article and I just realised the Google Image Result page is still in my history. W00t.

So here we have it. It’s a page from Canadian Art Magazine about Nicholas Di Genova. Using Google I find lots of pages about him, including a decent quality version of the image used in the article, along with a couple more. Looking at them I realise I’ve seen his work plenty of times in books and magazines. Interestingly I had an entirely different image in my mind when I saw the original page from Canadian Art. I thought it would be a stylised but otherwise accurate drawing of a stag or moose, but it turns out to be some kind of moose-fish hybrid. Ho hum. Still, the inspiration holds. One day I’ll get around to doing my comic book of doom.

Typographic Poster

This is an extraordinary piece of work. Notice that even though the piece is justified, the colour of the text is even throughout, with no obvious rivers or anything. The shape it makes on the page is gorgeous too. Really quite something to look at for a long time. You can read more about it, and download the PDF of it here.

Look what’s happening to Japanese advertising art

I found this image of a poster months ago, and I’ve no idea where it was. I’d really like to get hold of a higher resolution image (or a print) and to find out what was shown in the exhibition.

[UPDATE: I found our where I got the image. It was here, on the nonist. Still no hi-res version though]


I need to know so much more about the typeface in this image. I found the image in this pingmag article on Dainippon Type Organization, where there’s a little bit of info, but I can’t find anything beyond that. Feed me facts!

Mobile Blogging

Ah, the joy of technology. Posted from an e61 while sat in the pub. Sadly the phone is not mine… It’s bloody good though. I want the successor to it, the e61i. Then I could take pictures and blog those too!


Continuing the Japanese theme, in my collection of inspirational graphics is this little gem, from pingmag’s article on Japanese fonts on sake bottles. If you’re really interested, there’s another feature on their site added recently about sake bottle labels in general. The label was designed by GRAPH, who have an online portfolio of their work online. Go and visit, and drool.